Camila Baeza (智利)丨2019艺术广东·当代艺术博览会推荐艺术家

Born in Santiago, Chile (1994). Studied Visual Arts at Universidad Finis Terrae (2014-2018). Participated in the course The Interaction of Color, with Eduardo Vilches, at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2018). Also was part of the Sound Art seminar with the artist Rainer Krause.

Camila Baeza 于1994年出生在智利圣地亚哥。2014-2018年,她就读于地形大学,学习视觉艺术。2018年,Camila Baeza在智利天主教大学参加了爱德华多·韦尔奇的课程《颜色的相互作用》,同时,这也是艺术家赖纳·克劳斯声音艺术研讨会的一部分。  

Has participated in a broad variety of art shows, standing out: Lusbérrido, at La Perrera Cultural Center (alongside CRUDO art collective), Santiago, Chile (2018) (please refer to the interview made by PerreraArte website: Link); Prueba Uno, Santiago, Chile (2018); Campos Eliseos, Santiago, Chile (2018); and De Culto, at La Puerta Azul gallery, Santiago, Chile (2016).

Camila Baeza曾在智利圣地亚哥拉佩雷拉文化中心与艺术群体CRUDO一起参加各种各样的艺术展览,并从中脱颖而出(具体可参考网站PerreraArte的采访)。Camila曾参加过许多展览,其中包括智利圣地亚哥Prueba Uno群展(2018年)、智利圣地亚哥Campos Eliseos群展(2018年)智利圣地亚哥德库图,La Puerta Azul画廊举办的展览(2016年)。  

Camila’s work deals with the materialization of the thinking-act that happens upon the act of painting. That is how the artwork compromises both a spatial notion and an atmospheric idea, narrating the invisible and enigmatic spaces that are hidden in our minds. Moreover, the work relates the entropic processes within the creative aspect of making, having as a result different pictorial-installations in a variety of forms.